The Stars To Be Paid Astronomical Amounts On Netflix’s Kapil’s Show

Kapil’s Show

This time  around , the stars are not in it for self-promotion. For years  Kapil Sharma’s show was  a resting place  for Filmistan’s stars  to promote their films, or maybe just have fun.

No money was ever exchanged hands. No more.

Now that the Kapil Sharma show is on Netflix, the stars are being paid in multi crores to grace the show. 

You may probably hear different versions of the “truth” about why Alia Bhatt , now Mrs Ranbir Kapoor, was not on  Kapil Sharma’s show on Netflix  on Saturday.

 But here is the truth.

According to a  source in the know, “Kapil Sharma’s original  plan  was  to invite the entire  Kapoor family—Neetuji, Ranbir, Riddhima and Alia—on the show. Kapil and the team even offered to adjust their shooting according to her convenience. But she was still not willing.”

So what  happened? According to a very close friend of the Kapoor family, “Netflix couldn’t afford Alia.”

Does this mean that the guests are being paid money to  appear on the  show?

“That’s right. Earlier when Kapil’s show was on television, the star guests came for free, as they had to promote their  films.  But now on Netflix, the stars are being paid to appear on  Kapil’s show,” an informed source  reveals.

Apparently the budget for the star guests each week  is “quite substantial”  but was  still not hefty enough to  accommodate  two superstars like  Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt under the same roof.Hence the  first  episode of  The Great Indian  Kapil Show had to make do with just Ranbir, his  mother and sister.

Alia,apparently will appear in a  later  episode .

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