Pratik Gandhi’s Real-life Kasturba To Play Mahatma’s Gandhi’s Better-Half

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The creators of the highly anticipated series Gandhi have unveiled the actor who will embody the iconic role of Kasturba. Bhamini Oza, the real-life partner of acclaimed actor Pratik Gandhi who portrays the titular role of Mahatma Gandhi in the series, is set to play Kasturba.

This casting choice brings a unique dimension to the series, as the chemistry between Pratik and Bhamini is bound to translate into a powerful on-screen dynamic. Pratik, who embodies the spirit of Gandhi with uncanny precision, has expressed a deep personal connection to the Mahatma, making this collaboration with Bhamini even more significant.

Bhamini Oza’s portrayal of Kasturba Gandhi promises to capture the essence of strength, grace, and resilience embodied by the eminent figure known affectionately as ‘Ba’. A fighter in both life and politics, Kasturba’s role in shaping Gandhi’s journey is pivotal, and the Gandhi story is incomplete without her.

 Says  Bhamini Oza “Stepping into Kasturba Gandhi’s shoes feels like a beautiful twist of fate in my acting journey. Working with Hansal Mehta and the Applause Entertainment team is a dream come true, especially alongside my husband Pratik. From our early theatre days, we’ve dreamed of sharing the screen together, and now it’s finally happening. My attempt is to bring honesty to the character and a genuine connection to the story.”

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