The Monkey Man, To Be  Banned In India?


It looks like  the  Indian  release  of  Dev Patel’s savage  brutal and  ferocious The  Monkey Man may not happen  any time in  the near future, or in fact  may not happen at  all.

 The Central  Board Of Film Certification has taken serious note of the film’s “political overtones”. These compounded by the references to Hindu mythological figures plus  recurring  images of the saffron  colour on hoardings and banners within   the film’s ferocious frames(which, apparently, the makers are  now trying to  recolour into red)   have out a serious question mark on the  release of The Monkey Man in India.

Actor Dev Patel’s impressively hyped blood-soaked directorial debut  which opened in the rest of the world  this week,  will have   to miss its Indian release . Scheduled to release in India on April 19, the  film, an orgy of vendetta-driven violence,is  facing a  major hurdle.

The Monkey Man finds its release seriously obstructed in India by its violent and  politically suggestive content.

A source closely clued in  to the development  informs this writer, “The CBFC (Central Board Of Film Certification) doesn’t know  what to do  with the violence. The content is  driven by elaborate massacres  and violent  bloodied neverending action scenes. Even  if   the film finds  its way  out of the  daunting orgy of  violence  , sexual references(multiple scenes of sexual violence inside brothels )  drugs-related  trauma,and sly political  references,   there is the  other major problem: the  frequent  references to  Hindu religion and mythology which is  fitted into the violent framework in a bizarre mix of violence and religion.”

Given the  major impediments,  The Monkey Man would have to  delete major chunks  of  its visuals  and dialogues of visceral violence before it  is  considered  suitable for release in  India. The probability that  the film may not  be released in India  at all cannot be ruled out.

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