THE Vijay Deverakonda Gets A Thumbs Down From  the Audience & Critics

Family Star
Family Star

After two severe blows to  his  career, Liger  and Kushi Vijay Deverakonda is sadly heading towards  another debacle.

 His new release Family Star  has been severely panned and inside reports  state that  the film went  grossly overbudget in pandering to the hero’s  egoistic(though alas elusive)  pursuit of  success.

A source  from  Hyderabad  reveals, “The  second-half of the  film  unnecessarily  moves to New York. This shot up the film’s budget astronomically  and added no value to the  endproduct.”

There is also an extremely distasteful  sequence at  Times Square where VD is  accosted by  some American women  who mistake  him for a sex worker.

“I am not that kind of a man,” VD extricates  himself from evil influences  so that his character  can remains  unsullied for  the heroine.

The  entire project is one more  (vain) attempt to make VD into an omnipresent superstar  in the  same league as Rajinikanth, Chiranjeevi and Prithvi Raj Sukumaran. You can’t be in every frame  in  a purported  family film even if  you  are the Family Star, whatever that  ‘memes’.

THE  Vijay Devarakonda  playing an ambitious wannabe  tycoon seems to  be as ubiquitous  in this  vapid family fare as Rajinikanth usually is in his films. While  Rajini’s  omnipresence works for his  fans THE Devarakonda  just doesn’t fit the grill.

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