Tusshar Kapoor Seeks Inspiration From Father Jeetendra’s Lawyer Roles

Tusshar Kapoor
Tusshar Kapoor

Tusshar  Kapoor has been lying low lately. He  is all gung-ho  about his new assignment.  For his role as a  lawyer in Prerna Arora’s Dunk, Tusshar Kapoor has referred  back to all his father, the illustrious Jeetendra’s roles  as a legal eagle in films  like  Majboor,Kasam Vardee Ki, Judge  Mujrim , Insaaf Ki Devi  and Jai Kali.

But then Tusshar  hit a stumbling block. All the lawyers that Jeetendra has played  in the past were righteous,noble incorruptible souls.

Tusshar plays a real scumbag of a lawyer. His role is described  by  the producer Prerna  Arora in  the following  words. “With power in his pocket and the system in his boots,

he thinks  he  owns the law of the land and is the judge, jury and executioner.  We’ve never seen a lawyer as  ruthless as  the one Tusshar plays in Dunk. He is basically such a nice person in real life.  For him to play someone so corrupt  and unscrupulous  is really tough on Tusshar.”

Adds Tusshar, “Tackling this challenging role in Dunk has been a transformative experience for me. The team’s vision and insight have truly urged me to explore uncharted territories as an actor. Trusting Prerna’s unique ability to unearth the hidden depths of a character is contributing to bring out the best in all of us, as a unit.”

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